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Pelican-Hardigg Single Lid Cases

Craters & Freighters of Southern California is pleased to annouce a new strategic relationship with Pelican Products, the world's leading manufacturer of durable water tight cases.


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Craters & Freighters of Southern California have access to more than 400 sizes of injection molded and roto molded cases for any packaging, shipping or storage need your products may need. 

By offering Pelican Cases, we've expanded our services capabilities for our clients that need custom shipping or storage solutions.  There may be instances where products are shipped repeatedly, or fragile and high value assets may need more than just a wood crate, and that's where Pelican Cases come in! 

Pelican Cases are reusable, dustproof, crushproof, and can be specified as breathable or watertight.  Sizes can accommodate equipment from small electronics to massive fuel pods.

We offer the following customizable Pelican Cases:

  • Pelican and Pelican Storm
  • Pelican-Hardigg Single Lid
  • Pelcan-Hardigg ISP Cases
  • Pelican Rackmount Cases



Each year, shock and vibration results in millions of dollars of damage during transport and handling of sensitive and valuable equipment.
The SKID-MATETM is an air dampened cushioning device that provides a fast, cost effective and durable customized solution to protect sensitive products from shock and vibration. They can be easily mounted on a crate or pallet base, eliminating the need for expensive air-ride trucks. Skid-Mates are the most economical solution to transport.



Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters by Requesting a Quote today! Craters & Freighters has the expertise that delivers!


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